Machine Learning Consulting and Training

If you are looking to get started with using machine learning, you’ve come to the right place. I help companies with the whole lifecycle of ML:

  • finding the problems which can be solved with ML
  • building data gathering processes
  • training the ML models
  • deploying models to production
  • monitoring the results to ensure they bring value to the business.

I can help you find the right machine learning solution that makes the right tradeoffs for you, be it simple and fast algorithms, like scikit-learn or fastText, or advanced methods such as deep learning using HuggingFace, Tensorflow or PyTorch.

Data gathering takes too much time? Let’s see if zero-shot labeling or weakly supervised learning can help you.

For teams that need an extra pair of eyes or some fresh ideas, I provide machine learning consulting services, giving advice on how to improve the existing workflows with industry best practices and how to further optimize models.

Machine learning is just one tool out of many and I will tell you when it’s the wrong one for the problem at hand, based on my 10 years of experience using it, at large companies such as Google and as the tech lead of ML at startups.